8 Bed Time Beauty Mistakes You Make


Well, ladies out there! You commit a few grave mistakes during night time which can cause havoc on your beauty regimen. The fact that you might have had a long tired day after work can be well understood. But at the same time, you cannot completely overlook your beauty routine while at nights. A peek at common mistakes which you tend to commit as well as quick fix ideas to help you unwind during nights the better way

  1. Forgetting to wash your face

The common cause of puffy eyes and wrinkles or fine lines that appear on your face is due to the fact that you forget to wash your face before going to bed. With or without your makeup on, it is advisable that you remove the debris that accumulates on your face by washing it with clean cool water. Use a gentle face wash or a mild cleanser to wash your face thoroughly. It also unclogs the pores and helps your face open up. This helps you sleep better at nights. Having a shower before hitting the bed is even more wonderful to act as a lullaby to sleeping well.

  1. Tight hairstyles

The tussled and the ruffled look of your hair can look great during the day. But during the night it is better you leave your hair open or leave a loose bun or braid on your hair. A tight hairstyle is detrimental to a good sleep as it keeps digging your comfort zone. The other thing is letting your hair loose without the tightness and stiffness helps your hair breathe. The fact also remains that tight hair can cause damage to your strands and even affect the delicate balance with your hairline.

  1. Sleeping on your stomach

This position of sleeping on is termed as the froggy position. A frog always has its back held high and sleeps on its stomach. However, this position is not the right one. It is better off to have an occasional twist and turn during the course of your sleep as it is difficult to sleep with the same position. However, it is ideal that you sleep on your back most part of the time. Sleeping on your stomach can cause havoc to your appearance as it leads to puffy eyes and wrinkles. To have a better and a contoured look, it is advisable to sleep on your back.

Even pregnant ladies are advised to sleep on their back by leading gynecologists in town. The reason is that while you sleep on your back, it assures of maximum oxygen supply to the growing fetus.

  1. Dirty pillowcases

When you use an untidy pair of bed sheets and pillow covers the dust on the same gets evenly transferred to your skin as well. The dust, germs and mites accumulated on dirty pillow cases causes itchiness and rashes on your skin as well. The reason is on account of bacteria which penetrate on dirty pillow cases adding more debris to your skin and face. Wash or change your bed sheets, pillow covers and cushion covers once in two weeks. Use satin pillows to ensure a comfortable and a long lasting beauty sleep.

  1. Forgetting to brush your teeth at night

You have only one set of teeth which you need to maintain an entire lifetime. It is highly recommended by dentists as well to brush and floss during the nights. The occasional skips may not cause all that harm. But regularly forgetting to brush and floss your teeth leads to cavities and other dental problems which are certainly not good to look at. Brushing your teeth twice every day can help retain your glorious smile for long.

  1. Forgetting to moisturize your skin

Many of you tend to commit this common mistake. You either forget to moisturize your skin late at night due to a tired and hectic work schedule. Else you skip it up purely on account of your deliberate laziness. Either way, not moisturizing your skin before hitting the sack can leave your skin tight. Apply an anti-wrinkle or a night cream before going to bed. Similarly, when you apply a mild moisturizer or body lotion across your hands and legs your skin feels soft and supple. Moreover, it keeps the body well hydrated as you thoroughly massage your hands and feet. This can have a relaxing and a soothing effect before you head to the bed.

  1. Speaking over the phone

Many of you speak over your mobile phone as soon as you wash your face. The germs and bacteria on the mobile phone sticks to your face as well. Washing your face during bedtime makes absolutely no relevance. There is nothing wrong in attending to important phone calls post your face wash. But the mobile phone needs to be free from dust, germs or bacteria. When you have immediately washed your face, apply a dab of cotton mixed with vinegar on your delicate phone as well. Once the screen is clean and clear, you can head to calling your friends over the phone back again.

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