6 Benefits of Infrared Sauna

As any person who frequents fitness institutes and spas would tell you, saunas are one of the best health treatments these places have to offer.

The practice of sitting in a room with nothing but a towel on has been around 2000 years now, but it has recently seen an improvement since the introduction of Infrared (IR) saunas, which have the advantage over their traditional counterparts of being more effective and less expensive. They also hold extremely rewarding health bonuses for you too.

1. Detoxification

The main concept of a sauna is to make you sweat since sweating is one of the quickest and effective ways your body can rid itself of the toxins inside it.

The body accumulates these toxins on a regular basis from everything around it: from the food you eat to the products you use to the pollutants in the environment. All of these are removed quicker from your body when you spend an hour sweating in an IR sauna.


IR saunas are also a great way to relax. All you have to do is sit in a comfortable position and let the heat from the infrared heaters do the job.

The heat penetrates through your entire body, relaxing each muscle, thus relieving tension across your body. The heat also helps your body regulate the hormone cortisol, the hormone primarily responsible for mental stress.

3.Pain relief

IR saunas are also proven to be beneficial to those that suffer from pain in their inflamed joints and wounds, which means these people are not dependent on chemical means to relieve themselves of pain on a daily basis.

However, it would be unwise to jump into sauna right after an injury, since that might aggravate the inflammation. Instead, wait one or two days till the swelling goes down a little before trying the sauna’s “pain meds.”

4.Weight loss

Weight loss without having to exercise? Sign me up. But seriously though, IR saunas raise the temperature of your body so high, it has to start working harder to try and cool it down.

Which means your heart starts beating faster and your body burns through calories upon calories, ultimately resulting in weight loss.

5.Skin purification

Remember the detoxification part? Since you sweat entirely out of the pores of your skin, they get cleaned and cleared in the process, and your skin is now free of toxins.

What you end up with is skin that is not only softer but also radiates with health, an attractive feature all of us desire.

6.Improved circulation

As mentioned above, the heat that penetrates your body in an IR sauna raises your body temperature, in response to which your heart pumps blood faster in an attempt to dissipate the heat.

What this results in is improved circulation of blood around your body, which is extremely beneficial to your organs and muscles, since they now receive a boost in their oxygen supply. This allows them to stay healthy and function properly.

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