7 Great Benefits of Onions

Benefits of Onions

Onion belongs to the lily group of plants. The other members of this group include leeks, shallots, garlic, etc. There are over 500 species of onion such as yellow onion, green onion, white onion and much more. Each kind of variety has its own unique taste and flavor, ranging from very strong to slightly sweet.

Not only is onion being used for centuries especially in the east to add flavor to foods, but is also known for its ornamental, therapeutic and medicinal effects.

Onion contains sulfides, thiosulfonates, and sulfoxides, which produce the eye-irritating results. The thiosulfonates exhibit anti-microbial qualities that make onion quite efficient at treating infections caused by E.coli, Salmonella and Bacillus subtilis.

Studies have demonstrated that onion is quite useful in avoiding coronary artery disease and cholesterol-reducing levels. The sulfides in onion help lower blood pressure levels and fats as well. Moreover, onion makes an excellent organic dietary source of flavonoids, which are known to shield you against numerous heart diseases.

Here are seven most effective benefits of onions:

  1. Prevents Diabetes

Onion contains 27% of your biotin DRI. Biotin has many positive effects on your health, one of which is fighting symptoms associated with kind two diabetic issues. Early studies suggest that a combination of chromium and biotin might help to decrease insulin resistance and regulate glucose levels.

  1. Healthier Skin

Biotin is also important in maintaining healthy skin. It is used to treat weak nails, avoid thinning hair and maintain skin health.

  1. Improved Immunity

The Onions contain both phytochemicals and Vitamin C that increase the efficiency of vitamin C in your entire body. It is more beneficial in the immune system.

  1. Stops Cancer

Quercetin is more than just an interesting looking this word. The plant flavonoid possesses potent antioxidants, which fight against cancer-causing toxins. Free radicals are chemical products that cause cell death and damage cell membranes. Onions are wealthy in Quercetin and thus are a powerful weapon in the war against melanoma.

  1. Reduces Stress

Quercetin does not stop there. It also allows protecting your entire body against pressure. When you are stressed out your entire body produces cortisol. While cortisol is normal, too much of it can damage muscles and cause protein breakdown within your body. That is where Quercetin-rich onion comes in. During times of long stress, Quercetin inhibits compound required for cortisol release.

  1. Anti-Inflammatory

Onions have anti-inflammatory qualities help those who suffer from pain and arthritis. However, the advantages of betalain are not limited to those with inflamed joints; all the disease is rooted in chronic inflammation and, therefore, everyone should seek out foods with anti-inflammatory qualities.

  1. Decreases Blood Pressure

The sulfur in onion acts as an organic blood thinner, and it prevents blood platelets from collecting. This is great for decreasing blood pressure levels and avoiding the risk of stroke or heart attack because you are more susceptible if blood platelets clog up.

Also, remember Quercetin? Of course, you do. Well, it also inhibits plaque buildup in arteries, which is also excellent to avoid cardiac problems.

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