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Benefits Of Yoga For Losing Weight


Yoga is an ancient Indian discipline that is aimed to bring about physical, spiritual and mental balance to a person. The practice is said to be used depending on how an individual would need it, and would yield specific results. In a world where obesity has been one the major problems, yoga has been proven a lot of times to help someone with their weight problems.

Though the common reason for weight gain is simply overeating, there could be numerous underlying reasons why this could happen to a person. Listed below are the benefits of yoga for people who are aiming to lose their extra body weight.

Improves the Flexibility of Your Muscles

A person who is practicing yoga would have to perform a series of poses which are intended to loosen and stretch their muscles. Because of certain factors like inactivity, tension, weight gain and stress, the muscles become tight and stiff. This would straight one’s posture and would greatly affect a person’s ability to properly perform various exercises that can aid in weight loss. Practicing yoga not only improves posture, but it will also increase your joint’s range of movement-enhancing one’s flexibility.

Syncs Your Mind and Body

Not only is yoga a physical exercise, it also intends to unify a person’s mind and body through initiating and practicing breath work with different body movement. A person begins to experience an increase in his or her self awareness as his body and mind begin to work in harmony and unison. As you increase your self-awareness with each passing day, this discipline will later be applied in your daily life helping you making good positive choices for your lifestyle and diet that will help you immensely in your goal of losing weight.

Reduction of Stress

Have you ever been so stressed that you want to just eat your day away? That may be one of the reasons why you are gaining so much weight; stress. By practicing yoga, you are allowing yourself to be temporarily disconnected from the real world, making you relax and unwind. Yoga provides an individual an environment that is safe, positive and non-judgmental in which one can counteract the negative effects stress brings about in your life.

Burning of Calories

Certain styles of yoga are deemed appropriate for people who would want to lose weight and puts it as their primary intention of learning the discipline. There are different kinds of yoga style links breath and movement poses together building body heat and could potentially result in greater burning of calories, aiding in weight loss. If your goal is to lose weight, it is advisable to combine these yoga poses with Cardio exercises like walking, running, jogging, swimming and biking. But just like any form of exercise, it is advisable to begin with simple yoga classes before turning to more intense practices if your body has not been active physically in a while.

Yoga doesn’t only help in losing weight; it has also been proven effective in relieving headaches, boosting the immune system, promoting better sleep and a lot more. But if you’re trying to lose weight and have felt hopeless despite trying a lot of weight losing regimens, then it might the time to try out the natural way of yoga.

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