Avoid These 10 Foods To Get Rid Of Acne Breakout

Acne is something very hard to cope with affecting most people at some point during their lives. You will be surprised to know that the food we eat has a direct impact on the condition of our skin. Some people find there are foods that trigger their acne while some deny the fact. This depends on how your body reacts to certain food. If you cope with severe and frequent acne, you must find out the foods which spark a reaction to cause the unwanted zits. However, reducing the consumption of these foods may benefit you in preventing acne and getting a clear skin.

1. Processed foods

Processed foods like chips, baked goods and anything that contains a good amount of starch are the precursors of acne. They have high glycemic index and are loaded with sugar and additives that may affect hormone levels and trigger breakouts. The refined foods tend to increase the insulin levels which provide a good platform for bacteria to grow and also cause inflammation. Avoiding such foods also reduces allergic reactions caused due to chemicals that are added as preservatives and flavors.

2. Dairy

Minimize the consumption of dairy products to some extent as they are loaded with fat and acne inducing hormones. High amounts of cream and cheese, which have high-fat content may cause acne when included in your diet on a regular basis. Moreover, cow’s milk, which is a favorite among all age groups, contains a huge amount of hormones which may interfere with your skin and trigger acne. Consuming skimmed milk also worsens breakout as it is rich in hormones and less on the surrounding fat that needs to absorb it. This stimulates the glands which produces natural oil from the skin excessively and causes breakouts.  On the other hand, consuming an excessive amount of cheese made of sheep,s milk may aggravate acne as it is high in fats.

3. Sugar and artificial sweeteners

Sugar is one of the worst foods which cause a wide variety of pimples and acne. Since it has a high glycemic index, it triggers acne and causes skin damage. Avoid sugar as well as foods that break down into sugar easily and cause an increase in insulin levels of your body. This induces excessive sebum production which clogs the pores on your skin finally resulting into acne. Apart from this, sugar also affects the collagen of your skin making it weak. This results in development of wrinkles, and fine lines. Also avoid alcohol as it falls under this category and have similar reasons for breakouts. Intake of artificial sweeteners may also worsen your acne as they are loaded with many chemicals including aspartame which may cause various other skin issues together with acne.

4. Salt

Food with high salt content may cause acne to some extent. It not only ends in a puffy face due to water retention and swellings in facial tissues but also causes fine lines near your eyes. A good amount of salt enters your system via meat, beans and canned vegetables, it is thus important to wash them nicely before consuming. Avoid consuming high amounts of iodized salt as it may result in acne and always add salt while cooking instead of sprinkling it over you food. This will considerably reduce the salt intake and prevent breakouts.

5. Chocolate

No wonder, you have a sweet tooth, but limiting consumption of chocolate can actually aid in minimizing the condition of your acne. The sweetness of chocolate comes from the excessive sugar added to it which interrupts with the natural oil present in your skin causing unwanted breakouts. It also raises the hormone which produces acne and may be harmful for your skin.

6. Gluten

Gluten is a substance found in wheat and products made from wheat, for example, flour, bread, pasta and cereal. It is known to cause allergic reactions in many individuals making them sensitive to the food which contains even traces of it. It also causes digestive problems, which arise from inflammation of the stomach and causes much damage to the intestine. Such a condition results in worsening of acne and cause damage to your skin. Therefore, it is essential to identify the food products that have high amounts of gluten and avoid them completely if you suffer from severe breakouts.

7. Spicy food

It is best to avoid spicy food or eat it in moderation if not possible to completely keep away from it. Foods which are extremely spicy may cause stomach inflammation and problems related to digestion, which may easily show up as acne on your skin. It may also aggravate skin redness due to increased blood flow, thereby making acne worse.

8. Soda and diet soda

Soda is another precursor for acne as it has huge amounts of added sugar. Although the added sugar provides sweetness and the great taste of soda, it also triggers acne just as sugar does. You may observe a rise in insulin levels and increased sebum production after consuming soda beverages. Switching to diet soda is also a big no as it contains huge amounts of artificial sweeteners, which can cause a great destruction to your skin including acne, fine lines and wrinkles.

9. Caffeine

Caffeine affects you skin in an indirect way and promote acne. It releases stress hormones by stimulating the adrenalin glands which results in an increased level of stress, in your body. This can particularly trigger acne and rev up the formation of zits. Thus avoiding beverages and foods containing caffeine like tea, coffee, energy drinks, sodas, pain relievers and even chocolates may help you to prevent acne to a great extent.

10. Oily food

You must have heard of fried food causing breakouts; it is true that consuming vegetable oils in excess may actually trigger acne. Vegetable oils are rich in trans-fats which add up to the naturally produced oil from skin and causes clogged pores. Such super processed oils also increases the insulin levels eventually leading to breakouts. Hence, it is essential to stay away from fried foods and foods that are too oily, especially if you have an oily skin. Opt for baked food instead of frying or use coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil for cooking as these are less harmful when consumed in moderation.

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