A Healthier Way To Smoke?

Smoking is bad for your health. That’s pretty clear. But what if you found a healthy way to smoke? No, really, what if you could smoke and not be at the receiving end of all Healthier Way to Smokethe scary side effects. That is something that seems to have been made possible by electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are a concept that’s still new to many but it’s catching on pretty fast. So, what exactly are they? They are an electric device that let you inhale vapours of the flavours you are partial to. For example, if you like smoking menthol cigarettes, with an e-cigarette you will be able to inhale menthol vapours instead of smoke that will fill your lungs with nicotine.

And how do you use an electronic cigarette? You get yourself a starter’s kit. E-cigarette starter kits are perfect for those new to electronic cigarettes. Whether you’ve been trying to quit for years or want to smoke minus the harmful effects of tobacco, the starter kit is the one you want. So what do get in a starter kit? Though there are various kinds available, most kits should contain the following:

  • An electronic cigarette shell
  • An atomizer
  • A rechargeable battery
  • A USB charger
  • 2 to 3 flavoured liquids
  • A case to carry all of the above

Once you’re comfortable with the starting kits you can move on to more advanced ones depending on your needs.

Now comes the big question, “Why would you use an e-cigarette?”

Well, there are several answers. The most popular one is that it will help you to kick the habit of smoking. Most smokers who try to quit give up easily because they can’t do without their regular bit of nicotine. With an electronic cigarette there is either no nicotine amounts at all or just trace elements. Plus the tobacco flavoured vapour helps simulate the real feeling of taking a puff. This way a smoker can slowly and steadily reduce their intake of cigarettes and finally give it up all together.

Another category that e-cigarettes are popular with is smokers who don’t want to quit, but want to smoke in public. Since smoking is banned in most public places, these folks can use the e-cigarette instead. The electronic version of the real deal will emit no smoke, trouble no other people and still allow the smoker to enjoy the flavours.

Still want another reason as to why anyone would get an e-cigarette? They make great gifts from non-smokers to smokers. It’s just about the subtlest way to ask someone to give up their smoking habit.

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