How to clear THC Urine test

How To Clear THC Urine Test

Urine and drug tests serve the primary function of discerning if an individual has taken/ingested any narcotics or drugs.

Traces of the drugs remain in the body and are not assimilated completely, contrary to popular belief. After intense renal filtration, these substances pass through the body via urine.

What is THC?

To address the titular question, we must first understand what THC truly is. Tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC, is a cannabinoid that is generally associated and found in cannabis.

As compared to other substances, THC is the leading player responsible for activating the appropriate receptors in our brain that are responsible for the ‘buzz’ that cannabis users often describe.

THC and Urine Test

In conjunction with the title, the THC Urine test is used to find out if an individual is using cannabis or not. In some culture and workplaces, the use of cannabis is frowned upon. Due to the medicinal drug still swept under the same stereotypes which other hardcore drugs are subjected to, cannabis still gets a lot of bad reputation.

Hence, companies and agencies carry out the THC Urine test which, as mentioned above, helps them know who is using cannabis and when. You could pass THC urine test after taking a few things into consideration.

Clearing the Test

The chances are that such tests are informed of on short notices. Though some companies have a bi-monthly policy, a lot of old-school agencies carry out the test at random at a day’s notice. So what exactly do you do to ensure that you ace that test, even though you’ve used cannabis frequently?

A lot of scientific literature shows that exercising regularly has a profound impact on getting your body rid of drugs, due to the increased rate of metabolism. Furthermore, drinking a lot of water also helps since this mostly serves as a cleansing mechanism for your body.

What else can you do?

The two points mentioned above are the ones that will help you the most. However, if you want to go the extra mile, there are a few other things you can work with. For starters, drink lemon juice. A natural detoxifier, lemon juice accelerates the rate of the body’s natural detoxification.

Indulging in vegetables now and then can also help since they are responsible for increasing the body’s metabolism. Always have green vegetables when feasible. If you need something that gives immediate returns, you can opt for Niacin and Certo.

These substances help remove traces of toxins from urine temporarily. However, they may have side-effects which are why they are not to be used often.

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