Is Intuitive Healing Really Improving Your Life?

Intuitive healing is very different form of healing among alternate therapies. It involves a type of spiritual healing using non-invasive methods to locate and correct the life current imbalance in the body. It is a bit obscure in terms of the western world because the medical, and even many alternate therapies have argued over the authenticity of the practice.

Energy healers know best about the intuitive healing because it is not a new phenomenon but has been practiced since the early ages. Intuitive healing can cure many mental problems such as depression, low self-esteem, stress and restlessness. It is like another energy technique that works on the chakras to clear the blockages and allow the free flow of life current through the chakras.

It is not just the mental and emotional problems but physical ailments like chronic pain, asthma, joint problems and other problems are healed by intuitive healing. It is all about clearing the energy blockage and creating a harmony between mind and different levels of consciousness, what we here call it chakras. Conventional medicinal system also works but it doesnot take the holistic approach and depends much more on the chemical rather than mental power of the healing process.

How to improve your intuitive healing approach?

Change your attitude towards life – It is very important to cultivate a positive attitude towards life. There are so many bad things happening around us and as a result we are easily demotivated. We need to understand that thinking about negative things will not change anything. We should cultivate a positive outlook and see life from a different perspective. Positive attitude, awareness and focused approach gradually frees the blockages of the chakras and instils a positive energy wave around us.

Know your body – How many of us really know our bodies? Truly speaking we are not aware of our physical entity and to know the deeper aspect of life we must know the vehicle well. We have hunger, we have physical pain, we have lots of trouble, and all these discomforts really hinder our mental approach to higher thinking. Any long-lasting problem means that the body is out of balance because theimages1 body mechanism is designed in such a way that it can heal itself. So, recognize your physical entity, control yourself from over indulgence in order to improve your intuitive healing.

Listen to your heart – We all have heard this saying – ‘listen to your heart’ but what does this mean. You cannot listen to your mind because your mind never stops thinking. Your mind will always link you into your five senses, but the heart is different..It is your inner guidance that is always with you whether you believe it not. We are influenced by our surroundings and internal talking so we are unable to hear the inner voice. However, when the mind is calm, the waves become smoother, and you can listen to your heart.

The best way to open your intuitive faculty is by meditating. Intuition is beyond any mental boundary, it is a sudden spark that comes from your soul and you need to understand it. It is an indirect perception of our soul; we may or may not understand it, and try to understand it with our own reasons and logic but it is beyond it and the only thing that governs us in the right way. Simple living, true living, meditation, compassion and acceptance, all these finer aspects of life cultivate intuition.

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