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Juice Fasting: How Does It Work?


Juice fasting has become popular these days especially now that people have become more conscious about their weight, their body and generally, their health and wellbeing. They see it as a way to cleanse their bodies and resets its physiological processes that have been negatively affected by environmental pollution, bad eating habits, toxic substances, and the like.

Actually, a lot of people do juice fasting because they believe it’s one of the fastest ways to lose weight or to fix some health issues. This isn’t the case because juice fasting is only a way to achieve better health and wellbeing. This is done by avoiding solids foods for a certain period of time and only consuming fresh juices. This allows the body to detoxify and remove excess toxins so that you can soon enjoy the different health benefits it can give you.

Juice fasting is not for everyone too since this should be avoided by pregnant women, children, individuals who are taking medications or are diabetics. Whenever you’re in doubt whether you should do juice fasting, always consult your physician regarding this matter.

For beginners, they usually do juice fasting for 1 to 3 days since doing them longer can mean greater chances of experiencing health problems. This is because of the fact that juice fasting can be fairly intense and so if you are working or studying, then doing juice this for a long time will be impossible. At the same time, prolonging the fasting more than the recommended time isn’t a good idea as it can cause certain deficiencies.Hence, for most people who are starting out with juice fasting, a great time to start is during the weekends where everyone is usually free from work or school.

As stated earlier, a lot of people have started adopting this method because of the different benefits it gives. Below are some of the said benefits:

When drinking fresh fruit or vegetable juices, your body gets the right amount of necessary enzymes so it can function optimally. It allows your digestive system to rest since juices are a lot easier to digest than meats and other kinds of foods we consume. At the same time, the body is able to expel the toxins and other waste while it takes a break from digestion.

The nutrients, phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals the juices provide are easily absorbed by the body hence, you achieve renewed energy after fasting. These are also effective as preventative measures or remedy for certain conditions like colds, flu and cancer.

Juice fasting certainly has its benefits because it wouldn’t be popular if a lot of people didn’t enjoy the promised benefits. What’s important is you know when and how you should juice fast. And if you have underlying medical problems, you should seek the permission of your physician first to avoid further problems.

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