5 Unique Makeup Tips For Round Face Shape


Too much makeup or too little can make your face look rounder, thus making you more conscious of your social existence. So read on to find out the top five makeup tips that will make your face look just the shape that you want.

1. Contouring

Contouring is an art and it is the outline that you provide to highlight any part of your face. Contouring your face can make a lot more difference than you think. Your goal is to make that round face look long. Highlight the edges of your face in a way that they appear elongated instead of round. Since it is the first step of your makeup you should make sure it’s done well.

2. Blush Blush

You may use a blush on that suits your skin tone and apply it under your cheekbones. Usually, it is advised to apply blush around your cheekbones but not when you are one with a round face. Stick to your cheeks and apply blush along the underside of the cheeks. It will give a longer effect to your cheeks not making it look as round.

3. Brown Tones and Bronzer

Brown tones can be your best friend when it comes to shaping your face slimmer. Depending on your skin color, you should resort to using the brownest of brown makeup shade you can. Don’t go too dark but if you are milk-white, you can easily use two shades darker maker. Similarly, bronzer should be used once you have decided onto the makeup. Beware if you are using the two of them together. Make sure it doesn’t make your face look overdone because extra makeup also makes the shape of the face round. Just the right amount of brown makeup and bronzer will work wonders and subtle down your round shape.

4. Berry Tones

Make sure you are using berry tones on your lips. Also, remember that if the lips look fuller the face will look longer. So whenever you plan to highlight your lips, use all the strawberry, raspberry or blackberry colors for your lips and use similar tones to outline your lips to make them fuller.

5. Eyebrows and Eyeshadow

Angled eyebrows, more specifically arched eyebrows are can lift up the forehead area of your face making it look longer. On the other hand, for your eyes, you should use darker eyeshadow tones to highlight your eyes. The best way it helps is by attracting attention from your face to your eyes. Brown, blue, purple and even black can draw enough attention to your eyes for people to notice your round face. The more attractive your eyes look the lesser people will focus on your face.

Follow these tips and you will be happy to see the desired results. Spare some time before stepping out of the house and walk with the face shape that you have always wanted.


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