The Key Factors To Consider When Pursuing The Objective Of A Leaner Body


There were days when women adored men with muscular bodies who had their biceps popping out even when drinking water. However, with the passage of time, the trend changed and now women adore and men wish to achieve a body with lean physique.

At present, having a lean body is considered a symbol of confidence and health. Due to these reasons, more and more men are setting course to achieve a leaner body. The lines below discuss the main factors that should be considered when thinking of achieving a leaner physique.

Starting Point

Pertaining to setting and following the course to leaner physique, it is extremely necessary that you know where you are standing presently. The more knowledge you have about the current condition of your body, the more apt plan you select hence the chances of achieving leaner body effectively increase. A few things which you must consider in this regard are:

Firstly, you must consider how much you way at present. You must consider weighing yourself for at least a month before opting for any course to leaner body. During this month weigh yourself regularly on weekly basis and see the factors that have affected your weight during the week.

Secondly, in addition to weighing yourself, measure your waistline for a month as well. Besides waist line you can also measure other areas of the body such as arms and legs to see which areas of the body get most affected.

Thirdly, get an accurate estimate of your BMI from a professional to have a clear picture about your goal and your present standing.

Setting Goals

After an analysis of your present condition, the next thing you need to do is to set according goals. The types of goals set vary from person to person, for instance for some the goal would be to increase muscles to make their body lean, while for others the goal would be to burn excessive fat to reach a more leaner state. Therefore, according to your body set the goals, however, in setting goals, remember the followings:

The goals must be realistic, meaning that they are not beyond the realm of possibility.

The goals must be healthy, as a leaner body signifies health, so if your goals are on contrary you must reconsider.

The goals must be attainable, meaning that all your efforts must be according to the goals and must take you close to them, not on the contrary.


Once you have set the goals, the next thing is devising a plan of action to reach and achieve those goals. Besides focusing on your overall lifestyle, the two most important things you need to focus on pertaining to setting a plan are exercise and the foods you consume.

Exercise- Regardless of whether you want to become lean by gaining muscles or losing fats, in both the cases you have to exercise. Pertaining to your goal, you can select the respective exercise such as, walking, swimming, treadmill activities, or weight lifting. The level or intensity of the physical activity depends upon your goal, if it is easy to achieve then the intensity and the level will decline and vice versa.

Foods- What you eat and what you don’t is another crucial factor you need to consider in a plan towards leaner body. Foods have a great role to play in your overall health and physical appearance. Both food and exercise complement each other, without one the other is half effective. Therefore, research on the best food options pertaining to your goal by reading journals or visiting online sports supplements store UK for better options.

Stick To The Plan

Lastly, sticking to the plan is what is going to make you achieve a leaner body. In this regard, you need to keep yourself motivated by either distributing goals into milestones and achieving them, by visualizing a better you, or simply by involving a friend into the program. Try your level best to stick with the plan and do not deviate.


In a nutshell, achieving the goal of a leaner body requires proper setting of goals, devising an according action plan and then trying the level best to stick with the plan to achieve the desired body successfully.

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