Have you ever squeezed out the necessary pea-sized amount of toothpaste from whatever tube you’re using, only to immediately question the efficacy of it all? Perhaps not, because toothpaste tubes are mainstream, and in a way, we’ve been indoctrinated with the notion that this is the only way toothpaste can be accessed.

That is unfortunate because there is an obvious problem with this product. It is non-biodegradable therefore it will, in all probability, end up in landfills and waterways thereby contributing to land pollution. There’s only so much a single tube can contain, and you go through them at an astonishing speed without reusing them. A grand solution which is both effective and environment-friendly is needed, and ORALOGICA seems to have nailed it.

ORALOGICA Organically Scientific is the first organic personal care product company which has the undeniably noble mission of improving your oral health and making the world a significantly better place as well. The secret sauce is their patent-pending technology whereby their products are free of all the harmful ingredients that constitute other toothpaste and mouthwashes, including the ones with the “organic” label.

ORALOGICA’s main products are the impressive PASTE toothpaste and RINSE mouthwash. Both of them not only taste wonderful but are also free of harsh chemicals and are fortified with the finest vitamins and minerals. They contain natural, high-quality whitening and cleaning ingredients, as well as anti-bacterial agents which eliminate cavities and plaques.

The thing that stands out about these products, however, is the container and its design. They come packaged in alluring black glass bottles that are not only great to look at but easy to use as well. Furthermore, this is the eco-friendly solution we’ve all been waiting for since the bottles are perfectly re-usable; you can clean them, peel off the label and re-purpose them water bottles, or whatever you fancy.

Grand missions bring grand challenges, and ORALOGICA has its fair share of them. Competition and imitation of their products is a very real threat, but they have taken steps to ensure the strength of their patents, both nationally and internationally. The fragility of glass bottles can make shipping difficult, but they plan to use the inflatable material for their protection. Cognizant of how intense cold can freeze and break the bottles, they have arranged with USPS to deliver them to people in such environments only if they are present at home.

ORALOGICA has every reason to believe that the world is ready for its innovative products; they have included the best blend of organic ingredients, they have redesigned their bottles several times to ensure that they’re completely eco-friendly, their RINSE and PASTE formulas have been finalized, and they have successfully sourced all their ingredients from the USA.

All the more reason to welcome them then!

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