7 Steps To Get That Perfect Eye Makeup for Your Party


Do you want to have great looking gorgeous eyes to create an illuminating effect at the party? Do you want your radiance to bowl people over? Then these simple and easy to follow techniques to apply eye-makeup can go a long way to achieve the happening look.

1. Clean up

Wash your face thoroughly with cold water. Clean it using a gentle face-wash and pat dry with a ball of cotton. You can wipe your face with cotton balls dipped in rose water. It leaves behind a gentle fragrance.

2. Apply a foundation cream

Choose shades which match your skin color. Apply a foundation cream on your face before applying eye-make-up. It will leave your skin even toned. Any acne, black spots or pigmentation effects are dramatically diminished by applying a foundation cream. Nude shades or skin shades are available for you to choose from.

3. Apply Concealer

Apply a dab of concealer across your eyes. Start from the inner ridge of your brow extending it across sides. This is to conceal dark circles in general.

4. Eye Shadows

Apply a single coat of shadow. Start with a light brown or medium pink on your eye-lids. The eyelid is the area running from your eye-lashes to your crease (The slight dip between your eyelid and brow bone).

Second shade: Now you need to cover the second layer. This eye-area refers to the one starting from your brow bone until the area that reaches your eyebrows. Use a light pearly shade or light gold to cover this region.

Third shade: Apply a dark color over your crease. Use light, gentle strokes to press dark powder on the crease of your eyes. Start from the outer corner of your crease and follow the arch about two-third in the way towards the inner corner of your eyes. Use a darker brown or violet from the two shades previously being used

5. Blend it all

Blend all the three shades of shadow using an even eye-shadow brush. This will balance out all the colors giving you a neat look.

6. Apply eyeliner

After you are done with applying the shadows, apply a thin coat of liquid eyeliner. Choose a smudge-free water liner that stays for long. Few eyeliners are instant dry as well. A combination of smudge-free, instant dry and water one would be the best buy.

7. Apply mascara

Use an eye-curler to curl the lashes and evenly apply the coat of mascara. Mascara adds to the volume and sheen of eyelashes. Your eyes are highlighted better with the mascara. False lashes can also be used to give you the glam and glitter for the party.

Now you are done applying fabulous make-up covering your eye-area. And people are mesmerized by your dazzling beauty. You can rev up cocktail parties with glamorous eye-makeup. Don’t forget to wear a nice designer party gown. The gown should either be a contrasting match to your eye-make else the same color one.

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