Morning Sickness During Pregnancy


It is common to have morning sickness while you are pregnant. Now for some the term might seem a little strange but it is exactly as it sounds. Not all but some pregnant woman may come to encounter a sense of nausea or feel like vomiting at certain time of the day, this is called morning sickness. It mainly occurs after getting up from bed in the morning. This is totally natural and considered healthy sometimes for the new born. For most of the women morning sickness happens during the first few weeks of pregnancy, most probably from six to eight weeks. If you find yourself nauseating before or still after this period don’t worry as you are certainly not alone. The pain and the nausea, vomiting are all part of the amazing creation process that you are going through.

So why do some women feel nauseated while the others do not? Well the answer lies in biology of the female body. The changes and the sickness occur during hormonal changes and these hormonal flows vary from person to person so does the level of sickness.

Morning Sickness during Pregnancy

If you have an abnormal rate of nausea every time you eat something or get up from the bed in the morning or feel extremely faint or dizzy you need to consult the doctor immediately. As you will soon become frail and weak, this is unhealthy for both you and your baby.

You can’t expect to have morning sickness gone completely as time is the only cure. You can try some natural remedies to reduce your dizziness during pregnancy.

Eat in the bed: before coming out of the bed eat something healthy like easy to digest crackers or biscuits. Keep the box full of these on your nightstand. Take a little rest and come out of the bed after 20-30 minutes of eating.

Slow and steady: be slow while coming out of bed. Take time to put forward one foot down then the other. After waking up sit on your bed for a while and then take slow steps to your washroom. Don’t rush to do anything as this will help a lot to keep the nausea down.

Combat with nausea: ginger and mint are the two of the most effective flavors which will prove effective while fighting nausea. Add ginger to your daily diet and put fresh mint leaves in your water.

Eat frequently but small quantity: eat healthily and properly because of you and your baby both need all the nutrition right now but don’t eat a lot in one sitting. Consume doctor prescribe vitamins if any and drink water a lot. Drinking properly and keeping oneself hydrated is must if you have been vomiting repeatedly.

Other ideas: inhale soothing smells, suck on lemon slices and popsicles to reduce the sense of sickness.

Remember it is only a phase and will pass soon. Experience the pain and joy of motherhood with all its colors.

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