6 Side Effects of Using Sunscreen – You Should Be Aware Of

Side Effects of Using Sunscreen

We are over and over again recommended to wear the sunscreen when we are going out under the sun. Sun protection is essential, especially to prevent dangerous sunburn, skin cancers, and early aging.

However, the chemical sunscreens can have side effects and cause dangers due to some medicines used in them for example tetracyclines, sulfa drugs, phenothiazines etc.

How to Use Sunscreen:

  • Apply the sunscreen all over the revealed skin.
  • You must do this for 30 minutes before going out under the sun.
  • It is to reapply the sunscreen after perspiration or swimming etc.
  • Even if you are in the house, keep reapplying sunscreen after every four hours.

Here are some of the side effects of sunscreen

  1. Sensitive Reactions:

Sunscreens include some chemicals that can cause skin irritation for example as irritation, swelling, redness, and itching. Some people face serious allergies with skin rashes and extreme itchiness. This understanding can be the result of chemicals found in sunscreens like preservatives and perfumes.

PABA is preferably used in many commercial sunscreens that can cause maximum allergies. Hence, this is being eliminated from many popular sunscreens of well-known manufacturers.

You can even buy sunscreens with the label of ‘hypoallergenic’. Sunscreen that does not contain PABA is often marked, but some other chemical can cause to an allergic issue. If you are not sure about the understanding that may be triggered by sunscreen item, get an area test done by a skin specialist. You can use sunscreens that contain zinc oxide, as they are less allergic.

  1. Sunscreen Can Make Pimples Worse:

If you skin is acne-prone, then some chemicals found in the sunscreen product will intensify your issue. To get rid of this complication of sunscreen, you can select non-oily sunscreens and non-comedogenic sunscreen. Prevent the use of body sunscreens on your face, as these are very heavy.

  1. Eye Irritation:

When you get sunscreen into the eye, it can cause irritation and discomfort. Some claim that chemical sunscreens can cause sightlessness. This can also cause to burning and short-term sensitivity to light. If you use the sunscreen under your eyes, wash them suddenly and thoroughly with cold water or consult your dermatologist.

  1. Improves The Risk Of Breasts Cancer:

Sunscreen includes components that can have estrogenic effects on cancer of the breast. You should prevent the use of chemical sunscreens on the skins of your children, as they have very sensitive skin and tends to process the chemicals immediately.

  1. Pain in Furry Areas:

There are types of sunscreen that can be complicated to select from. They are also available in various types like wax sticks, creams, fumigations, sprays, and lotions. It is your personal choice to select the kind of sunscreen. Gels are best for hairy places like the head or the male chest area. Some sunscreens can cause to drying or tightening the skin and can cause discomfort in hairy places.

  1. Pus in the Locks Follicles:

Sunscreens can cause scratchy areas of the skin that tend to become red rashes. Occasionally, these also turn into pus-filled sores around the hair follicles.

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