9 Top Tips For Long Hair


Hair is the most significant part of our body to enhance our looks. Each and every woman wish to have long and healthy hair as they are admired the most. To have and maintain long and healthy hair is not an easy task and for this one has to follow to certain tips.

1. Oil for better hair care

Everything that grows need nutrition and so is the case with the hair. Regular oiling on the head increases the blood flow and thus helps in growing the hair. One should oil their hair twice or thrice a week so that the hair may get proper nourishment to grow naturally. This is one of the first and foremost tip to have long and healthy hair.

To keep your hair clean is very essential. One should wash their hair at least twice a week. For washing hair soaps, shampoos, conditioners or styling products based on chemicals should be avoided. Instead of this, natural or herbal based mild shampoos or conditioners should be used. For washing the hair, cold or normal water should be used.

2. Conditioning the hair

Conditioning the hair plays a vital role in maintaining long and healthy hair. It locks the moisture and thus prevents the hair from dryness. Conditioning protects the hair from dirt and pollution. So do not skip conditioning your hair regularly.

3. Egg whites to have long and healthy hair

Take the white part of the egg and apply it on the hair. Leave it for some time and then wash your hair with cold or normal water. This will help a lot in growing the hair faster as well as restoring the softness and shine of the hair. Our hair will look healthier and stronger than ever. It will also allow our hair to grow with speed.

4. Drink adequate water for long and healthy hair

One should drink plenty of water throughout the day as it flush out the toxins from the body. This is a fast, easy and natural way to make our hair grow faster. Water keeps our hair hydrated and the chances of losing hair lessen.

5. Proper diet

Balanced diet coupled with proteins, vitamins, cashew nuts, coconut etc are very helpful to enhance the growth of hair. Proper diet makes our hair lively and heavy.

6. Trimming of hair regularly

Trimming is very essential to make your grow faster and longer. Split ends occur at the end of tips of hair which blocks the growth of hair so one should trim the hair at regular intervals.

7. Get plenty of rest and sleep

For healthy as well as long growth of hair, it is very essential to get an adequate sleep and rest throughout the day.

8. Home remedies for hair growth

Apply onion juice on the hair to get healthy and long hair. It will enhance the hair to grow naturally. Conditioning hair with henna is an effective way to give vitality and strength to hair. Make a paste by mixing henna with the yolk of one egg. Apply this paste on your hair for some hours and then wash it with cold or normal water.

9. Brush your hair with care

If someone chooses an inappropriate comb, then it will lead to breakage of hair. So one should use broad toothed combs to comb the hair. Brushing the hair regularly also enhances the growth of hair.

To get and maintain long and healthy hair, we do not need to spend much. We have to just follow some simple secrets to get better results.

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