Meditation: The Healthiest Trick To Attain Glowing Skin!

We all desire for a healthy, glowing skin. And to achieve it, we maintain a daily skin care routine, resort to chemical treatments, have regular spa appointments still feeling that something is missing. Maybe it’s the natural glow that comes from within prompting everyone to compliment? Or a face that does not have the maturity lines stretching across it? If it feels like you, then I’ll suggest a simple Technique that relaxes you and make your skin shed a decade!

Attain Glowing Skin

Meditation is the key for relaxation, art of reflection and the trick behind glowing complexion. Everyone has a “chi” within and meditation unleashes it. It lets the “chi” travel in your body, thus releasing all the positive energy and transferring it throughout. It re-energizes all the cells and tissues in the body, thus giving you a younger looking and glowing skin.

Meditation done extensively and regularly over a considerable amount of time, acts like an effective anti-aging pill that reduces stress, age spots and all other skin ailments. Over a period of time I have witnessed a lot of women rejuvenating their skin overnight with effective skin care routine power packed with meditation. Want to know a few tricks? Read ahead:

Simple meditation is a five step process which is simple, effective and relaxing.

Step 1: Breathing

A lot has been said about the importance of right breathing technique for correct functioning of the body. Thus, the first step involves breathing in a rhythm. Take long, deep breaths to calm down and then start counting. On an average, you should take 2 breaths in one minute. Continue this process until you find yourself following a rhythm and drifting in a deep relaxed state.

Step 2: Detachment

This step is tricky but equally effective. You need to detach yourself from your mind in such a way that you observe it rather than being a part of it. You need to observe which things generally cross your mind and what attracts your attention the most. This step would help you to introspect on your fear, worries and troubles, thus further relaxing you.

Step 3: Imagining

This step would bring you at peace with yourself. All you need to do is imagine yourself as a rock lying peacefully in an ocean or sole wanderer in a beautiful forest. You need to imagine that you are free of anger, unaffected as rock if when hit with huge tidal waves.

Step 4: Oneness

In this step you need to feel and realize your oneness with all the other beings and things in the universe. This step can attained only if you have mastered the ones described above. It will teach you kindness and compassion that would be the building stone for a relaxed living.

Step 5: Realization

By this time you’ll realize that you are not just the physical being but a lot more beyond that. This will give you rejuvenated mind and spirit which would in turn reflect in your physical beauty. You’ll easily achieve flawless skin which would not be plastic or temporary but natural and everlasting.

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