5 Tips To Save Money On Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering

The wedding day is one of the most important days for most people. And one factor that will make your wedding a hit is the food. But catering costs can inflate your wedding expenses if not properly controlled. And this has to be done without sacrificing the taste or quality of the food served. In this post, we look at five tips that can help you save money on wedding catering.

Be Careful About The Buffet

When setting up a buffet, take a good look at the items involved. There are likely to be foods that won’t be much in demand by the guests. And including them will obviously be a waste of money. For example, a caterer might offer the option of three salads. Ask yourself whether you do need to provide three salads at the wedding?

If you place them side by side, will an average person spoon out each salad onto their plates? If not, which of them will be the least chosen by the guests? Once you identify the salad that will probably be in less demand, you can delete it from your menu. After all, why waste money on food that most guests won’t even try out?

Invite Multiple Quotes

Always invite quotes from multiple catering services. Don’t place an order with the first caterer you like. That is a foolish idea. If you check with multiple caterers, you might find an even better service at lower cost.

So, remember to look into at least five or six different catering options, and choose a service like which offers the best value for money.

Cut Down The Snacks

Usually, the caterer will serve multiple snacks during the wedding. Look into the snack items on offer and think whether you need to offer everything on the menu. For example, the caterer’s menu might have five different snacks on offer.

Consider cutting it down to three items. The food that every guest will talk about will only be the main meal. Snack items are usually never a topic of discussion among guests. As such, cutting down the snacks is definitely a good idea. But do ensure that the main meal is lip-smacking.

Use Only Minimal Staff

A big part of the catering bill will be the staff assigned to cook, transport, and serve the food. Ask the caterer to provide the list of people who will be involved in the task. Check the list and find out ways to cut down the number of people involved.

For example, the caterer might have assigned 12 people to serve the food at your wedding. But only 8 serving staff may be required. Talk with the caterer and try to keep the number of staff as low as possible.


Drinks will also be a major part of the food cost. It is estimated that people usually drink one glass every hour. Now, a good way to cut down the cost of drinks is by instructing the serving staff to only fill the glass half full. Guests usually drink up what they are served.

If you fill up the glass, they will drink it in full. If you fill only half a glass, they will still be satisfied drinking it. So, remember to limit the quantity and number of drinks served at the wedding.

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