What Is Makeup Primer Used For?

I am sure this question might have crossed your mind many times. Visiting a beauty counter, you must have come across Primer but never bothered about it. After all isn’t it used on walls before you paint them? Honestly, the same thought crossed my mind too, until I tried one and I was hooked.

A Primer prepares your skin for the makeup. It forms a base for the foundation and makeup. Whether you wear your makeup daily or wear your BB cream with lip gloss, a Primer locks in the skin natural moisture and creates a clean canvas for a smooth application of the foundation or tinted moisturizer. It has the natural binding effect, making your makeup stay longer.

Primer for eyes

A lesser-known fact about Primer is that it actually protects your skin as it forms a shield between the chemicals in a foundation and your skin. It works better than a concealer, by hiding your blemishes and filling out your pores without making your foundation looking cakey.

Benefits of Using Make Up Primers

  • It helps to seal pores
  • Softens skin
  • Velvet finished makeup
  • Makes your skin look younger
  • Makeup stays longer
  • Reduces fine lines and redness
  • Must try these tricks for a great makeup

Try a Tinted Formula

Not everyone has the same skin color. A tinted formula is your answer. A pink Primer works great for dull skin to add that soft glow. A lilac tinted Primer works wonders on sallow skin and green formula hides redness in the skin.

Don’t Apply Coats of Primer

You don’t need to apply layers of Primer; you just need a pea sized drop to cover your entire face. If you overload Primer it will start pilling under your foundation, making your makeup artificial. Less is more…

Works On Eyes

You don’t need a separate Primer for your eyes. A skin Primer is enough and works great for lips as well as for eyes. Massage it under your eyes to hide the dark circles and over the eyelid to smooth out any creases or crow’s feet and wrinkles.

Don’t Need any Separate Acne treatment

Most of the Primers have acne fighting agents, thus you do not need to apply an anti-acne cream separately. Just purchase Blemish control Primer. It works two-fold, controlling breakouts and providing a great base for makeup.

Great For Your Lips

Dab a little Primer on your lips to prevent your lipstick fading away or settling into lines. A face primer works great on your lips too; you don’t need a separate primer.

Apply With Fingers

You don’t need a separate application tool to be able to apply a Primer. Apply it with your fingers to spread it evenly on your face to give it a soft velvety touch. It is easy to apply and gives a smooth finish.

Dust Some Powder

Once you have applies your Primer and Foundation or tinted moisturizer, make sure you finish it with loose powder to smooth out the foundation. It gives a finished look to the makeup.

Don’t Forget Your Décolletage

We often tend to neglect this area while applying makeup, just like our face and lips our décolletage need Primer to hide fine lines to give it a youthful look.

A Primer is a great friend and there is no fuss about it. We need a Primer, whether we use it every day or occasionally; a Primer is great not only for the makeup but for our skin’s benefit. Just make sure that you choose wisely and apply a tester before you purchase it to check skin compatibility.

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