4 Reasons Why A Clean Home Is A Healthy Home

Most of us will probably remember being teenagers and living with our parents. It was usually our mothers who told us off for not putting dirty clothes into the laundry bin, or not cleaning up the kitchen after ourselves when we made a snack. At the time, we may have thought that it was just a telling off for the sake of a telling off. But by now, as adults, most of us will have come to realise that it was actually training for the real life we were going to encounter once we left home.

So why is it important that we keep clean and tidy homes? Is having a clean kitchen and bathroom really as crucial to our health as our mothers made out?

Actually, it is. Here are four reasons why a clean and tidy home is an integral part of any healthy lifestyle:

1.Improves Your Mood

If you’re putting in extra hours at work, or coping with stressful situations on a daily basis, then you need somewhere to retreat to, and relax. Down time is an important part of our daily routine.

And when you do kick back at home, it’s vital to do it in a space which doesn’t feel chaotic and cluttered. A messy home can really have a negative difference on your mind-set when you’re trying to relax, or get to sleep at night. Keeping a tidy abode will help you feel more contented and that your life is in order.

2.Will Make You Less Susceptible to Infection

Simple and straightforward. Bacteria grows on dirty, un-sanitised surfaces, and some strains can set up a home on (or in) your body, and cause bacterial infection. Although many are treatable with antibiotic medication, infections are usually quite painful, and a trip to your doctor isn’t always convenient. So keep a clean home – regularly clean all your communal surfaces and door handles to ensure that bacteria doesn’t grow on them. A clean bathroom is essential – dirty showers, baths and toilets are hotbeds for bacteria growth.

3.Will Decrease the Risk of Injuries

Think of unnecessary clutter as unnecessary risk. We all know that life can get in the way sometimes, and it can be hard finding the time to take that big box of used pans or that old telly to the tip. But when you’ve got a lot of unneeded stuff piled high or just lying around, you’re increasing the risk of falling over something or having something fall over you.

4.Won’t be as Likely to Give You Food Poisoning

Whoever it was that said ‘all the best kitchens are dirty’ was dead wrong. It doesn’t matter how much of a cooking whizz you are: if your kitchen utensils and surfaces are soiled or dirty, then you’re putting yourself and others at risk of food poisoning. Always ensure your kitchen is spick and span, to minimise the risk of food-related illness.

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