Winter Care Advice To Keep You Happy And Healthy


Already in the midst of winter, some of us are starting to feel the negative effects of the colder weather, meaning that we are often encountering issues with our health. We all want to feel the best versions of ourselves and avoid feeling ill and unwell and therefore need to take care of ourselves, especially through the winter months. Here are a few ways we can care for ourselves this winter to help us stay happy and healthy.

When it’s Cold, Wrap up Warm

Many of us already know the importance of maintaining body temperature and wrapping up warm during the winter months, but it is something that needs to be emphasized as it is essential to good health. In terms of physical and even emotional health feeling warm is important. Those that expose themselves to thpice elements by not wearing suitable clothing can experience feelings of prolonged coldness and even sluggishness that has can have an effect on their normal activities and behavior as they feel unable to retain heat.

At Time of Festivities, Look after your Teeth

With all the festivities of winter, it can be easy to slip into a pattern of negligence in regards to daily care. With late night parties and delicious treats it can be easy to ‘forget’ to brush and care for your teeth, which can obviously cause problems such as cavities and sensitivity. Make sure that you remember to brush your teeth twice a day and floss to help prevent decay. Should you notice any changes in your teeth, or increase in sensitivity this winter, make sure that you pay a visit to your dentist to check for any serious damage or problems that may need treatment to fix.

When Looking for Comfort, Indulge In the Right Things

As winter nights are long and temperatures have lowered, many of us feel the desire to eat comfort food and indulge ourselves, which we can do so long as we indulge in the right things. Making sure that we stay stocked up in our vitamins and nutrients, winter is the perfect time to create warming meals filled with vegetables and proteins such as stews and pies. It is also beneficial to our bodies to make sure that we still get the recommended intake of calcium and can do so in a healthy way by regularly drinking semi-skimmed or skimmed milk, which also helps keep our teeth and bones healthy.

When Facing the Chill, Protect your Skin 

Healthy skin is not only beneficial to your general wellbeing, but also to your levels of confidence, so you should make special effort to protect your skin from the cold and harsh weather that winter can often bring. Along with winter moisturizers, you should also consider using products that continue to protect you from exposure to the sun, particularly if you live in, or will be visiting, areas that have snow during the winter months.

Despite the Chill, Continue to Stay Active

No matter how tempting it is to spend evenings and weekends curled up on the sofa, one of the best ways to maintain health through the winter months is by continuing to stay active. Of course, with changing the weather, you will most likely have to change your exercise routine so that it is safe and avoids the harshest of weather conditions. Look to participate in gentle outdoor activities such as rural walks and visits to leisure centers so that you have access to swimming pools and gym equipment.

By Beth Stubbings

Beth Stubbings thinks that it is important to make sure you stay healthy during the winter to avoid getting ill. She would recommend Smilecare Cosmetic Dentistry to those concerned about their teeth and looking for a friendly dental surgery.

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